Tips for Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Dental AnxietyBetween 5 to 10% of Americans end up avoiding dentists because of serious fear and 20% only go unless it is absolutely necessary. There are many reasons that are fearful due to a previous bad experience they had in a dentist’s office. Other reasons include anxiety disorders, stress, and painful side effects they went through due to a previous treatment. Many people are extremely fearful to a point that they would keep up with extreme pain instead of going to a dentist and getting the problem treated. Not getting a dental problem treated can result to even more serious dental problems and pain. Stay positive and look for good reasons to visit the dentist. This article highlights what many dentists have come up as several tips you can follow to decrease or eliminate your fear such as:

Try as much as possible to manage the pain:
If your dental problem is serious, then you should accept that you will go through some pain. Expecting that there will be some pain involved will make sure that you are ready. Keep in mind that most dentists will provide you with painkillers and anesthesia so you won’t feel any pain. Most professional dentists will ask you to raise your finger or give them a sign if the pain is getting too much and they will instantly stop. After the treatment is done, your Jersey City dentist will provide you with additional painkillers so you won’t go through any pain at home. They will also teach you home remedies that are very easy to implement at home such as place an ice pack on the swelling area or gargling using water mixed with salt.

Try closing your eyes during the treatment:
Seeing the needles and other types of dental equipment can make you becoming more fearful and uncomfortable. Closing your eyes will ensure that you won’t see any of the equipment or the treatment process. Your dentist won’t mind at all and he/she will actually encourage you to do so if you are too scared.

Try relaxing as much as possible:
Try as much as possible to relax by breathing or listening to calming music. If you are able to relax by listening to music, then bring headphones to you and listen to music during the treatment. Dentists won’t mind at all and they will usually give you a sign if they need something for you. You can also bring your favorite book or magazine with you to the dentist’s office so you can read it in the waiting room.

Take care of yourself:
After your treatment is done, you should try to take care of yourself as much as you can. Always place ice on your jaw and rinse your mouth gently using saltwater every time you are in pain. This will control swelling or infection because this is common after any procedure. If your doctor prescribes painkillers for you, make sure that you take them even if you aren’t going through any pain. In the case of antibiotics, set your alarm so you can remember to take them.

Dentist Consulting With PatientFinding a dentist you are comfortable with:
The worst thing that can happen to you is dealing with an uncomfortable or unprofessional dentist in Jersey City when you are already fearful in the first place. If the dentist doesn’t stop working when you feel any pain during the treatment process or just does anything that annoys you, then you should immediately start looking for a new one.

Inquire for recommendations:
While you are in the process of looking for a dentist, you should ask your family or close friends about a dental professional they have had a great experience with. This will enable you to find a dentist that is suitable for your needs. You should ensure that the atmosphere will be comfortable. If you visit a dentist and he/she begins explaining the treatments or oral care procedures that will be used before beginning work, then this is a sign that you found a professional one.

Take someone with you:
You should try to take someone with you the first couple of times you go to a dentist. However, you should make sure that they aren’t scared of dentists as well as this will just make the problem worse. A friend or family member can hold your hand or speak to you throughout the process.

Maintain dental hygiene and be confident:
If you’re already scared to go to a dentist, getting embarrassed about the condition of your teeth will make things worse. You should understand that there are millions of people all around the world who suffer from dental problems and this is the main reason why dentists even exist in the first place! You should also brush and floss your teeth before the appointment.

Try avoiding any triggers before your appointment:
Triggers such as alcohol or nicotine will just make your anxiety and fear worse. You don’t necessarily have to completely stop these substances, but make sure that you don’t use them before the appointment. For example, you should try not to drink coffee or smoke cigarettes before your appointment or after you get a treatment done. Keep in mind that smoking and drinking alcohol after a treatment can increase pain that you are feeling in your teeth.

Following these tips will definitely eliminate any fear or anxiety you have of visiting a dentist. You don’t necessarily have to implement them all at the same time. A great thing you can do is trying some of them first and then following two or three that works for you the best. The most important thing is for you to understand that there are millions of people all over the world who are too scared to go to the dentists as well and this is completely normal. Someone who isn’t fearful of dentists is probably scared of something else. Professional dentists will also do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible and to eliminate any pain you are feeling before or after the oral treatment process and provide you with the best dentistry health care.

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